"All things disruptive" with a focus on Fintech, Internet of Things and MNO/Telco.

With a competency in “all things disruptive”, we focus on the broader Fintech, IoT (Internet of Things) and MNO/Telco sectors, where we have a deep knowledge of the ecosystems, structures, trends, value drivers, underlying technology and where we have senior relationships with key decision makers.



Our coverage of fintech includes all types of mobile payments such as P2P, in-app commerce, virtual goods, MPOS, card-based solutions, NFC and contactless, mobile money, international transfers and remittances, carrier billing, micro-payments and payment/multi-purpose wallets.

It extends into e-commerce, insuretech and alternative funding  platforms(such as crowdfunding).  It also includes the broader fintech technology ecosystem such as security, identity, authentication and blockchain technologies. We work with a range of companies from the large card companies, through to platform-as-a-service and niche API based service providers.

Internet of Things

Our coverage includes businesses involved in all aspects of the IoT technology stack such as optimised M2M connectivity platforms, cloud hosting providers, smart devices, their components & platforms, software developer ecosystems and data analytics.

It also includes companies in segments leveraging IoT for growth and efficiency, such as in real estate/facilities management (Proptech), the Smart Home, Connected Vehicles, and other industries.



Our coverage of MNO/Telco relates to all aspects of the Mobile Network Operator (MNO) and Telco ecosystems, including growth strategies and strategic business development opportunities to the operators and their partners that seek to sell to, or sell through operators, including infrastructure providers, interconnect partners, equipment vendors and value-added service providers in both the enterprise and consumer segments.